Sunday, November 21, 2010

Annnnnnnddddd.... ACTION!

Hi, I'm Heather! But you can call me H. Or H-Dawg. Or H-Bomb Diggity. But I'd rather you call me Heather. So. After many failed attempts to have a blog, I'm trying again. I always hate the akward first posts and usually don't go any further than that, so bare with me.

This blog will pretty much be about everything in my life. Things that are going on in general... like my love life, family life and social life(or lack of). And a lot of my attempts, such as arts, crafts, hair do's(and don'ts), makeup and fertility. Yep. You'll know my cycle in no time.

So stay tuned and enjoy reading about how I make an ass of myself on a regular basis. =)

Hearts, Farts & Arts,

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